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What is your biggest pet-peev

Started by Pinki, Mar 10, 2022, 09:10 PM

Pinki's making me work it! »


What are things that just drive you nuts..

Me: When my family leaves cabinets and drawers open.
When someone put their coat on my hook..There are 5 people in my house and there are 7 hooks and I cant seem to get them to let me have just one to hang my coat lol It is stupid but it drives me nuts.

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Argh same with that! Don't blame ya. Like, "ummm, there are other places made shareable just next to mine!"

The one pet peeve top of my head now is people trying to be "Cool", at the expense of their self-worth or self-integrity, or sometimes, at the expense of someone else that can be "used as a topic to get accepted into another group/convo!". Those folks just make themselves obvious and it is making me embarrassed on behalf of them more than driven  :crazy: .
Honor is far greater than glory, titles, man-made statuses, & materialistic possessions. 👁 🦅 🛡 ⚔️


Well, as of now, receiving SALES emails only after I have ordered or days after I've ordered.  >:(


My biggest Peeve is bad drivers. Over half the people on the road today are terrible drivers. 


Speaking of bad drivers, tailgaters are also a pet peeve! I don't mind if they are close for a reason like they are trying to measure their speed to go back in or "temporary rush", but if they keep tailgating and giving me no safer choice than to even start to speed through yellow light and passing redlight while going through yellow light, ARGH!   >:(

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