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The complexities of disliking school

Started by cynthia13, Mar 30, 2022, 03:44 PM

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One thing I've been thinking about a lot is how the latter half of teenage years becomes dedicated to putting yourself through more school. You're 16, 17, or 18 and applying to college – just so you can sit in a classroom for 4 more years and have people tell you things.

Sure, some of the information is valuable and you will learn some things, but sometimes it seems like: why are we spending our youth sitting in a classroom?! It's been especially frustrating for me throughout my teenage years to think of all that I could be doing with my life, just living, existing if I wasn't in school. But also, knowing that this is how you set yourself up for success in the future, further down the line. 

It's weird because it's in a way contradictory. Like, I would rather be doing anything than being told what to do by an adult and taking tests. But I also would like a job when I'm older. I guess part of it is being a teenager and a natural, general rebellious nature to things. Just as we're getting older and able to make more life choices this is the one big thing that feels like it's not really a choice. 

Did anyone else also feel this way as a teenager??

So glad I found this forum and I miss this style of social media posts and how they help you get your thoughts out and discuss with others. Twitter and Instagram just don't hit the same. 

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I still feel the way you have described even now, may it be with ongoing studies or continued education programs or even work related ones. I think it also has to do with how we learn!

I never liked most of the classroom teachings because they either focus on topics you already know and feel strong about or won't help or give much time to understand your weak areas needing improvements. Now when I say "needing improvement", not a lot either, just the same (or even less amount) as the said classroom time/hour is more than enough to help improve with self-studies!

And the topics themselves can be something too. True, some courses require prerequisite courses that are relatable, but some courses or even for major/minor requirements, sometimes you are just forced to take extra classes you do not even want to or have time to focus on! (I stand by the word "forced" because of those "must fulfill non-major/minor categories" to advance/graduate  :facepalm:  )

Like you've briefly said, the education system and the routine +/- biased methods of teaching or requirements to graduate can benefit the certain group, but they will deter other groups who are willing to learn and/or are wise/smart enough to absorb all the information but not wanting to go through the systemic method that won't benefit them! Heck, I've seen even "lazy or do-not-care-about-school" to be actually super active and do care about a topic in school with a changed adapted studying style, giving the students freedom or a choice to choose the learning style they wish!

Some can get rebellious or dissatisfied in life from when the society fails them in helping them learn to their true potentials, and we cannot blame them for hating schools or hating things (or disliking to put it milder)!
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