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Started by cynthia13, Mar 30, 2022, 03:45 PM

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Sometimes I still find myself thinking in Russian even though I haven't spoken it fluently in over a decade. It's interesting the times this will happen, at 2am coming back late from a family member's wedding, or while spending time with family or at an international grocery store. 

I spoke fluently until I was in elementary school, then spoke mainly English as this was what all the other kids spoke as well. Being an adult now, I still speak Russian, just not as well, in that I can read, write and listen, but have trouble speaking. It's interesting to me how this knowledge of another language has affected the way I perceive English, the language I speak most often now.

Russian verbs in the second person are said either formally or informally, because respecting elders and those in power is very important in that culture. In English, we have some more formal, professional greetings and words but for the most part we don't have very specific ways of speaking to others who we respect.

In trying to relearn Russian in the last few years, conjugating verbs to be informal/formal has been difficult for me as I often forget to even try! I'm just so used to English where everything is the same. But here's the thing: it can come off as disrespectful if you use the wrong informal/formal word in Russian...

I'm wondering, has anyone else had a similar experience in trying to relearn a language? What were the hardest parts in trying to get it back?

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@cynthia13 Thanks for sharing your story on relearning a language  :ok:  and THANK YOU  >:( for reminding me of my experiences, especially with me dying brain cells working super harder than younger ones!

WOW! I have always wanted to learn Russian! I have many friends I've met throughout my life journey (Yes, I talk old because of being everywhere and done many things, even though I am not that old). My fav book is Laurus Novel by Eugene Vodolazkin (Yes, I digress too. lol)

I can 100% RELATE!!  :nod:

I grew up speaking Burmese and then going to weekend "English school" until age of 12.
Then, growing up in Japan, I was using both English for main "American International School" and Burmese for "Away degree", and then had to learn Japanese.  :D
Then, finally being in US, for decades, and going through high school, university, grad school, etc + work experiences, English became my main.

Sometimes, I will be thinking in all the languages and get lost in words or substitute words I said out loud.
I try to keep my memories or language skills fresh with TV shows and movies and books.
I cannot understand fully but I can or try to make out the context of what is going on.
So, my reading, writing, speaking may be all over (with Japanese).
Oh and Spanish. I have dazzled with Spanish too.

FUNNY STORY! Once, I was in my grad school, we were talking, and I blurted out my thought in a mix of English and Burmese. Turned out a Burmese word was similar to that of my Indian friend's and same meaning too!  :lmao: he was, "oh, so you thought so too?"

Now, back to you, because this is your moment (and I do have tendency to carry things over SORRY!).
Glad to see that you are rekindling or reconnecting with your languages from the past! Russian is a beautiful language!

I am not sure how fluent you want to relearn, but if you can relatively understand the TV shows and books and can converse (even in broken or bad grammar term), you are a Russian Goddess in my book!  :clap:

Keep up the good works and fire them brain spells and make them be all nostalgic and motivated to keep learning!!  :woot:

PS: Somebody went all, new font on us.  :noway:
Honor is far greater than glory, titles, man-made statuses, & materialistic possessions. 👁 🦅 🛡 ⚔️

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