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Last thought before going to bed?

Started by Ko, Apr 18, 2022, 11:38 PM

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 :idk: I came across someone's question on this elsewhere and it was a good read.

How we go about going to bed and what our thoughts our decides how well we will sleep or how we be for the rest of the night and for tomorrow!

What's your last thought in general or for the day or for last night?  :hi:

For mine, usually, I will have this crazy "run-on" thought (many in 1) of positive thinking and telling myself tomorrow will be a good day, if I've set few alarms, thanking the Lord, and well wishes for people around the world.  :) Like:

"Tomorrow WILL BE a good d... wait 3 alarms set? ok good... WILL BE A GOOD DAY! Thank you Lord. I'm all yours and you know my requests. Please guide me and your will be done with people around the world suffering and your people in general"  O:-)
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