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How do you travel or go on sightseeing adventures with your pets?

Started by Ko, Mar 24, 2022, 11:43 PM

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Now that my life is on the track of being more stable/settled after all these years of having lived in few countries and states, I am thinking of getting a pet or pets in my nearest future, for the love of them and to have a lil companion  :)

I have been researching when I was about to go on a trip to say the national parks or historical and scenic places, and most of them say pets are allowed only at certain locations within those regions and if I were to go on a long hour of sightseeing or a trail or scenic route via some other means, I must leave my pets at home for hours. I mean, there are pet sitters but I DONOT HAVE THE GUTS to leave my baby furrball or paw at home and just go on with my own!  :( I know some flights allow pets, but the end destination of the trip might not fully allow or not at all allow my pet(s) to tag along on the same adventure!

See, having lived in tight spaces my whole life thus far, I DO NOT wish my pet(s) to be left in small spaces. I want them to roam as free as they can be! Also since I have lost ties due to life or rest in peace of people from all stages of my life, I DONOT wish to leave my pet(s), if I were to get one or few, just with strangers or alone at home! It is so hard for me to even think about. May be I'll never get a pet because of that reason, even though I so want to!  :idk:

How do you all travel about to pet fully or semi restricted locations?
What pet(s) do you own?!
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