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Your view on a foreigner competing for another country during the Olympics?

Started by Ko, Mar 12, 2022, 11:22 PM

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I know the rule of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) allows an athlete during the Olympics to compete for a country other than the one they were born in if they meet certain criteria.

The International Olympic Committee doesn't require an athlete to have a citizenship to compete on a national team, but the athlete must be able to prove their "nationality" - establishing nationality can come from living in a country for a certain period of time or demonstrating a personal link to that country through ancestry.

I know that there is also a period of few months ahead the athlete has to claim for which country.

But how really fair is that?

If the athlete has a dual citizen and is equally raised through the benefits of both countries, then it is understandable to having loyalty to either country and deciding to compete for one or the other, comes the Olympics.

But what about if an athlete was born and raised in another country and has been enjoying and reaping the benefits from that country he or she was raised in and gone extensive education and schooling for many years, but then deciding to "claim links and ties to ancestral country because of the parents or someone else" while getting paid a handsome amount by the "ancestral country" to compete for them? isn't that like a kick in the face for the country that has actually given him or her the citizenship and raised in all these years, especially when there is money and greed involved?

I know all is above board, but still. :noway:  :facepalm: 
Shouldn't Olympics be about having someone from your country competes wholeheartedly for your country without the initial monetary involvements (other than for a reward for winning or participation at each event during the Olympics?)? :-X
Honor is far greater than glory, titles, man-made statuses, & materialistic possessions. 👁 🦅 🛡 ⚔️

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