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 :dumbbell: makes me feel good! But never do it half-asleep after a good run  :facepalm:
Resorted to adding a tow hitch to my 4x4. CAME WITH 1 MISSING BOLT  >:( But glad they are sending a replacement fast as I've already installed it and they are sending COMPLETE hitch+bolts again. Grateful for this blessing!  :)
Quote from: Felix on May 10, 2022, 03:58 PMThat was my thought exactly when GOF and Ko was here. :skipping:

People change so much anymore, invites by me might be few because it almost feels like a responsibility feeling if they turn bad. :idk: I have been burned that way before. :-[

I might want one if I had to deal with snow but here in Florida it's just not required for me to have one. I have a 21 F150 4x4. I love it.

They say that just a 4x4 is not enough some times. Check with the locals to see if you need chains too.

We are the O-G  :rock: I'm more of all about earning extra credits so, I'll take an extra O ... GOOF AND GOF!  :lmao:

I agree with you!! That's why I have not even invited most of the "friends" or "close people" because I cannot just tell, ESPECIALLY during these changing or chaotic politically biased times! Stealing from a comedian at my church a year or so ago, it's not the same 2019 BC and AC! (before and after COVID era)!  :gossip:

21 F150 4x4??! NICE!! I bet you'll love that!!  Even reading about F150 AND a 4x4 makes me go  <3

I'm fairly new to the truck owner club but ALWAYS a big fan! My very first truck and this truck MEANS A LOT FOR ME! I'm going to try my best to baby it to till last days of it~ 200000-250000 or hoping 300000, if it can survive from the west-to-east trip (and back eventually in 3 years) AND the snow weather of east coast! I was not in a position to even own a car when I cam back from my studies ~3 years ago (sold before I left). Things have been tough and so much expenses with applications and interviews & travels dissolving yearly earned assets and income!  :( FINALLY on the path to being stable and got myself a gift with help of myself and my parents (only ones been there since ever!), and invested in a truck to accompany on my life journey!!

SEE, THIS IS WHY I LOVE FORUMS! I can be talking and we can be talking and we may go off-topic a little bit (or more at times  :razz2: ) but a good confession or read, and it relaxes me! like just having talked my kept moods  :crazy:
Introductions / Re: Greetings All!
May 12, 2022, 09:20 PM
Quote from: Felix on May 10, 2022, 03:48 PMEverything you said is so true.  :ok:

The beauty of a forum is when you have time it is always here and if you are posting to a topic, you know where to go to see the replies. A forum feels more like family than monster social media. I too left all social basically. I might tweet once a month or so to respond to someone but my heart isn't there. We have been in some good forums, some bad too I suppose, but when it's good it always feels more like home.

Here right now. This is a friendly uncrowded home. We can come and go and it's laid back. I don't feel the pressure that has come at other places to manufacture. Here, it can just grow, naturally. :2tup:

wise words!! And yes! Forums, it is the having actual conversations, most times across the states, countries, globally! There are no "what you should see" type of algorithm to display posts from certain day or someone (probably they have those addon codes, but I'm sure true forum owners will stick to the classic styles! And we can always have threads and on-going conversations and discussions in the forums, that may also be helpful to some guests or new-comers!!! That "oh, I'm not alone facing such and such" or "just having a good day (or satisfying their sad angerful of moments) reading the posts here as guests or lurking!"  :D

This forum is young 1-2 months old. I have been relatively active on here even solo, just that this past few weeks and perhaps 2-3 more weeks ahead is my west to east coast, reverse manifest destiny cross-country move, so everything from time and budgeting and preparing for the new poisiton after the move is CRAAAAZY! KALAZY!!!  :D  :hot:  :facepalm:  :CRYING:  :o

BUT after that and even here and then, THIS IS MY HOME!!! I grew up with only 2-3 good forums, 1 was on Myspace and the other was where we all met, and the last, BIASED of my own  :lmao:
Quote from: Felix on May 06, 2022, 05:36 AMIt was good to see you when I found this here and that you made this site.

Good ol' TFS. Ha, we used to post more in a nano-second there than they do each day there. I look in there once in a while. Dave even logs in occasionally there but not when I've looked in. I think they average about 5-10 posts a day. I guess they ran off too many.....Lol

I still haven't read much here but I will.

As far as the nerf bar, without, unless you want to get aggressive.... :D They are only good for that and winch installation. Other than that, they are just in the way. I've never had one on my trucks. They look good on some, but I don't do anything for looks on my vehicles. ;)

You have no idea how happy I was to see you over here!! I WAS YES! EVEN WITH THE FELIX's GIF!!  :rock:

Invite anyone you wish to here! I keep inviting others BUT most don't join after looking because FORUMs are not their thing or too used to social media, despite the biased censorships and unfair treatments.  :-X  I mean I did give disclaimer that it will be boring and quiet if you're not used to forums or because only few be on.  :lmao: TRANSPARENCY to get only the best crew (and dedicated manual non-bot spammers)  :gossip:

I finally got myself a car again after being away out of state for studies and what nots. A 4x4 Off-road truck (happens to be almost fully upgraded too on top of it being off-road ready). Moving to east coast for few years and ready for that snow! WENT WITH NERF BAR! CHEAP ONE THOUGH! Custom bolts non-drills. Looks aggressive yet will protect from them DOOR SWINGERS at parking or some hits and from HANDS/BOOTY RUBS getting off  :lmao:
Introductions / Re: Greetings All!
May 08, 2022, 06:18 PM
Quote from: Felix on May 06, 2022, 05:56 AMI am just me. :skipping:

I for one am ecstatic about Ko making a forum again. Thanks Ko.

I have nearly left all social media, got lucky to find this site, but this already feels like home. Who says you can't go home again? Well, Ko did for us and here a few of us are to try to help him make it a home. I think the reason that it feels like home is because I know how nice Ko has always been to me and others.

I will be stopping by more.

Oh and just for fun, this is for Dave who is not here most likely. :snapout: Ooh, that felt good. :rock:


FELIX still got IT!! Showing the money!  :skipping:

Same!! I do not mind the quietness or even the feeling of prob actually on a deserted island type of a forum, just the few of us. FORUM FEELS LIKE HOME!!  :woot: I'm used to both quiet time, alone, or just few people type of home with life lessons learned from different life stages. SO THIS or FORUM ITSELF makes me happy!!

I have left social media and came back just to stay connected with few. I've lost distant family members to COVID and other matters and social media is good to just stay connected but for relaxing or going in depth more than "superficial connected", FORUM or some sort of emailing or even handwritten letters are  :ok:

We FORUMers always get each others back!!!  :chairspin:
Nerf bar or naked for my truck?
Quote from: Felix on May 01, 2022, 08:59 AMKalazy what old website addresses find, huh? :rock:

Hi Ko! I haven't read any here yet, but it looks like you are doing good from this post. :clap:

I'll be dropping by to see if any of the old gang survives when I get some more time as the days go by.

OMG!!! IT IS YOU!!!!!!!!!!  :rock:
I saw "a Felix" earlier like 10-12 hrs ago, but some work and personal issues delayed and I fell asleep!
3:30 AM now!


I started this GOF or tGOF for being nostalgic!
Simple and now I can afford to keep up with upcost!

Few of our peeps here but not that active.

Pinki was from TFS too!
 :rock: thankful for my the blessings of the Lord and my parents and happy of myself in getting the car I wanted!  :dance:  will be making routine journaling style update on my west-east coast move and so forth!
Forum Games / A 5-Words Short Story
Apr 21, 2022, 08:25 PM

The story time has begun.
 :idk: I came across someone's question on this elsewhere and it was a good read.

How we go about going to bed and what our thoughts our decides how well we will sleep or how we be for the rest of the night and for tomorrow!

What's your last thought in general or for the day or for last night?  :hi:

For mine, usually, I will have this crazy "run-on" thought (many in 1) of positive thinking and telling myself tomorrow will be a good day, if I've set few alarms, thanking the Lord, and well wishes for people around the world.  :) Like:

"Tomorrow WILL BE a good d... wait 3 alarms set? ok good... WILL BE A GOOD DAY! Thank you Lord. I'm all yours and you know my requests. Please guide me and your will be done with people around the world suffering and your people in general"  O:-)
Lifestyle / Easter Celebration - San Diego
Apr 18, 2022, 11:21 PM
I hope whoever celebrates Easter had a wonderful blessed joyful Easter!

I had a great time with my parents! - church service (at Shadow Mountain Community Church, El Cajon, California) and family quality time and cooking and baking! (It may be my last Easter with my parents for quite a while since I'll be moving away from California for a while!)

Got few photos to share as well! (My parents want privacy, so I edited them out)




I'll have to work my way back up and I am thankful for the blessing of fresh start!
Keeping the faith and doing what's right without greed can give a peace of mind despite all.
Back to the truck search!  :D
I'm loving Ritz original crackers!  :rock:
Finally had my storage cleaned up. 4 boxes full of one of my ex's items! Shipping them to her. Saving space and it's for the good!  :rock: I would love to have had them back too, with items being childhood memories and all.
I cannot wait to improve my credit scores for better rates and approvals! :nod:
3 years of temporary low paying job and application/travels fees just made me broke each year!
BUT a good start in June! The job of my passion! And adequate pay!  :rock:  :dance:
Truck it is!  :rock: Just which of them V8 or hemi!  :idea:  (don't judge me!)
Back to car hunting!
Jokes & Humor / Re: Gas prices so high ....
Apr 03, 2022, 01:14 AM
Gas prices so high, big block enthusiasts are preying for "newbies having wanted that horsepower and not caring about torque before the inflation" to sell back for cheap or at a loss!  :idea: 
I didn't even remember about Oscar until the Will Smith and Chris Rock's paper beats rock incident! I stopped watching entertainment channels for a long time!
Let's see if Carvana will approve the car. I'll write a review in 2-3 months if I get approved and received me car and the permanent plate! I was reading other concerns and reviews all around and Carvana may sometimes takes months more than the state's allowed delay to receive a permanent plate and a tag, needing constant calling and leaving messages or a threat for lawsuit!  :idk:
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