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I used to have no problems with roundabouts and even liked them because everything is in orderly fashion and no need to wait for the traffic lights to turn green or for the turning of left while at flashing yellow.  :clap:

I did experience back-to-back roundabouts (roundabouts after a other after 1-2 "blocks" of a distance) while I was driving a rental car from Syracuse airport to Utica, NY during the calm of a snow storm or snow season. Some roundabouts then were okay. But some, made more confusing  :-X with the GPS saying the exit street name and the actual exit mentioning Route # only or Vice versa, it was a hassle and needing multiple returns to roundabouts (because there were no other streets once an exit was missed!). Overall, I did not mind much, until recently! :-\

Now, I have roundabouts avoided on GPS. Those surprise roundabouts with 5-6 "exits" at different angles are just not for me.  :noway:  It started with my crosscountry road trip. It was an interesting drive from California to New York. Some roundabouts in various states we stopped at, from/to hotel, were okay, going with the smooth flow from any of 2-3 lanes  :popcorn: , other roundabouts we could merge back in safely :dance: , and then there were those where one lane took you to, well, around while other took you to another planet with sharp right and too late to large to the inner lane(s) :crazy: . Also not to mention the cars circling from left coming towards and right waiting to  get out.

I still occasionally get to roundabouts if GPS guides me as an unavoidable option to a destination, but  :idk:

How about you and roundabouts?
I am a Californian adapting to the Buffalo, NY weather conditions.

Currently, pickup 4x4 but only been using 2wd/rwd mode.
Running 43 PSIs on all 4 for 285/75/R16 Toyo Open Country A/T III (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF)).
Not factory wheel/tires, factory recommended 35 PSIs all 4.

My car drives ok on the few inches of snow in general, but skidded few days ago when on a "small snow, early morning, iced up, STOP to LEFT TURN".  :D First time skidding and ONLY AT THAT ONE icy corner. It drove and handled well after and during snow storm last weeks.

I am not worried but just wondering what tire pressure are you running for your Winter/Snow/Ice experiences?

I've also been seeing how other's tractions improved going down about 10 PSIs in front and 14 PSIs in rear from stock specs. (I am currently at 43s, so I might "go down" aka back to around stock specs of 33 or 35 PSIs when harsher winter comes.  :idk:

I am currently 6 months into the family medicine residency program.

The journey has been a mix of bright shining days and cloud days.
(well, if literally, also snowing days because of being in East Coast  ::) )

I moved from West Coast to East Coast to pursue the residency program in family medicine with the goal of one day becoming a PCP and my own outpatient clinic. The move itself was a journey in itself, I drove cross-country! I have lived briefly in East Coast weather for 2 years in the past, but it wasn't the same in this region I am in for various reasons relating to weather here and the fact that I am now driving here (vs. public transportation or ride shares like Uber/Lyft during my prior experience with East Coast +/- snow storms).

Residency wise, I am grateful I am getting support form the faculty members and my co-residents. Everyone is willing to help in any ways they can and with that added to my own individuality and personality and passion, those 6 months gone by have been full of learning experiences and personal and professional growth opportunities. I do miss home, even though with my history of moving often, I do not know where is home.

Also, I am meeting many medical students from different schools and happy to have had the chances of interacting with them and teaching them as my mentors had to make me who I am today!  :ok:

I may not have posted often, but here I am again! Hope all is well for ya all.
Let's do this! and You got this!  :rock:
Quote from: Coins on Nov 30, 2022, 11:54 AMSorry for the bump of this old thread, but I am curious who is still mining now after ETH moved to POF? And if there are people that still do it, what do you mine?


Very good question! and no worries about thread bumps!
I haven't mined for about 6 months myself.
Nothing is stable and mining for profit is not feasible with maintenance up-costs.
Pooled mining options also do not help much to gain as they used to.

I am thinking of just investments in crypto and +/- hobby mining. That's all I have thought of and started again today.
6 months into the residency and I have survived this far!
e-BUDS!!!!  :rock:
Quote from: Felix on Jun 08, 2022, 08:57 AMI have never heard of a toilet upgrade before. But when I worked, my office, we had the filter guys for sure. Every month.

Hopefully someday this pandemic will get better and there is some good news on that front at least. The new Vaccine might be a game changer. At least the company that developed it and has sent it to be reviewed say so. That would help but I have no clue how we can stem the hate that has grown even larger across the nation and the globe. It has always been here, history shows that but the percentages keep going up and sometimes frankly like recently it causes me to withdraw from being online so I don't get frustrated over all the terrible goings on.

All I can know to do is show as much love to all as I can. I just wish others could too.

Yes Virtual Forum family is very important and I am glad to have found you again with your new site. :skipping:

The toilet changes took place while we were on the road!
I had camera set up in door to check if they forgot to lock back the entrance!
I kept forgetting to ask my parents how the new thrones are!  :lmao: 

Definitely show as much love! SO MUCH DIVISION! All politics OR MADE INTO POLITICS! Sometimes a good start or plan within the context but once having many involved or trying to pass, then all get messy with stakeholders and politicians, especially of certain side who keeps claiming for the suppressed and oppressed, while doing the suppression and oppressions or neglecting those who are truly at disadvantage once those "leaders and influencers" get the tributes and fame and monetary gain they wanted!
Quote from: Felix on Jun 08, 2022, 09:01 AMNope. I am the worst. I've had my truck for one year and when Ford came here and serviced it the guy said my truck sure was nice looking and I told him it hasn't been washed since I left the dealership. He could not believe it. I do use a pressure hose when it needs spraying off, but it almost always looks clean.

Yep, I am terrible about washing my vehicles. :lmao:

:lmao:  :rock: to the solid long term shine!! I think even 1-2 washes prior or newer cars since years ago come with coating that makes it glossy or keeping the shine or clean look (reflecting through dusts  ;D  )!

I was worried and had biased view of the partially-automated, but here, I found Delta Sonic Car Wash. Actually nice! Washed after that 5 days trip!

Well, more than good enough for me!
- So you pay and line up
- staffs do hose your wheels and what other parts they can
- all automated for the wash!
- drive out and a dedicated staff who wiped your whole car few times manually with towels! (I tipped)
- and go and park at one of those huge vacuum section, kinda sci-fi feel and have a blast on your own!  :rock:

Similar but from online Delta Sonic photo.

delta sonic.jpg
Introductions / Re: Greetings All!
Jun 23, 2022, 09:03 PM
Quote from: Felix on Jun 08, 2022, 08:44 AMI remember when you fell head over heels for someone at the near end of Kalazy. It did seem like it happened so fast that I thought it was too fast. But it happens that way because it has for me twice. Love at first sight. Do not be bothered by being single because it could change just as fast again because it can and does happen just as fast as then. Maybe next time it sticks forever. Who knows but always just try to enjoy this waiting period while you protect your heart. Someone will appear for you when the time is right, I just know it. Seems you are too busy at the moment, but busy or not when it happens, it happens.

I think it's great and I don't find too many people who revere their parents and wish to care for them like you do. I retired to take care of my parents who are now gone. I was always here on property and always did anything needed for them from a 10 year old small boy till they were gone. I can think of nothing I am more proud of than that. Taking care of who brought me into this world and loved me the whole time.

I hope you get to build that dream home. If not though I know you will be there for them and that is enough. It is your time that means more to them I am sure than four walls. Family lifestyle may not be the norm, but for good people it is the best.

Maybe I will build that cabin in a couple of years when more money is freed up. :ok:

You guys were and are and have become like my closest best friends and mentors! Accepting and knowing me and know my type and you have experiences I sometimes lack! Should have listened to all! Good advices and warnings and thoughtful messages! A good learning experience and a good time while lasted with that relationship but better for both to find things out early! SINGLE life gives more dedication with where I'll be now! especially with 80hrs/week schedules! Someone has to really know me, the work life, and for me, MY LIFE too (not being full of self, but of my struggles, then and now and improvements and what made me stronger and going!)

So we are in this west New York region now. Made it safe.  :rock: And my parents who hates so much of cold and snow (and the busy lifestyle of the other part of NY, NYC/Manhattan/New Jersey/NJ regions) actually love the region here! California feel of roads and good house structures as long as in certain (yet huge choices) of regions! and I AM GLAD! Because then, they can move eventually if need be!!

YES! we gotta build our dream places inside or outside or close enough WITH quality time mindset like you said!!  :booya:
cant really complain but it is bothersome when the apartment management always keeps scheduling maintenance and filter checks and I kid you not, TOILET UPGRADE, etc every month or so!  :facepalm:
Introductions / Re: Greetings All!
May 23, 2022, 12:20 AM
Quote from: Felix on May 21, 2022, 03:32 PMI hope when you get your home it is everything you want it to be. I have a feeling you will make that so.

Yes, I am so happy I never left as I did not need to. The only thing I missed by doing so is I never got to build my dream home. A simple thing and grateful for not having that expense and just spending on redoing on a couple of these old houses. But what is best is I am where all my memories were made. I may build a Pop's cabin just to scratch that itch. Shoot I may need it someday. :nod:

We are thankful to have a good living, so to speak, with a roof on top and food plentiful and having our basic needs and some desires fulfilled, while living in apartments or having to do that local moves of current years! We may or may not have a our dream home, but we WILL have a home where there will be less stress for my parents and they can focus on hobbies missed out, and I, most of my missed childhoods! After age of 12, although not in a tragic way, my childhood was GONE, the moves and having to take my part of leadership role, while scared  :o , with immigration or translation of official documents need or legal matters!!  :-\

When I left the forums, my last real social network, I went to the Caribbean for study with my then gf whom I proposed too fast, being love blinded. Fast forward 2 years, ex-fianc├ęe now. Fast forward 4-5 years, here I am! Goals fulfilled to what I wanted but single. My life is hard as is with the career choices with not much time for outside fun, and my childhood and my parents' financial and stabilizing isn't too fond by others, especially these days where "family lifestyle isn't a norm".

I'm older now (non-traditional in my career due to my age) and my main dream home is just for my parents and I and whomever is willing to join us with God's blessing!

BUILD THAT CABIN!!! DO IT! it'll also keep your mind kalazy planning and remodeling!!  :D Enjoy the ride of continuing a building from the days and some roller coaster flashback ride! I SOOOOO WANTED to build my childhood home replica here in US.... although most back birth country are RIP.  :'(
Quote from: Felix on May 21, 2022, 03:43 PMI can't even come close to relating all you have experienced. The good fight to come and make a better life here. Here, with so many people, far more than I ever dreamed of bad people these days. I know you know, and for that I am sorry. I used to think America was always getting better. Always too slow but better. But recent years have shown that not to be so and that is why family, loved ones, friends are so important. It makes me happy you have your parents. :clap:

I am also happy to be your friend.

We all have life journeys and stories, we all relatively felt or had that very frustrating or depressing moments, so in a sense we have experienced the similar in different contexts and environments!  :bffs:

"Good old American dream" is hard and stressful but it WILL get you somewhere if you work hard (like major purchases stabilizing, it may take 2-3 generations to full stabilized but still possible) ... back then. But these days, it's too much politics as a nation or even work politics! and hard works is just something "Expected", but actual rewards and advantages and benefits can go to others, even your less positive or less enthusiastic coworkers! (I have been blessed with great colleagues but my parents or few friends, they had some interesting coworkers and work politics)

And yup. Recent years with COVID and economic dives, have also made families stronger in bonds or help people know who truly matter in the real times of needs! I've lost family members to COVID, whom I haven't seen for decades, but for me, all these recent years, brought and keep bringing me closer to God/faith and my parents! (I'm not spoiled as an only child, but I have my shares of having family quarrels and misunderstandings and having my own ways... I have no regrets for some, and do regret for some!)

Quote from: Felix on May 21, 2022, 03:37 PMI wish the best of luck on your new journey.

Change your oil with a simple service before you drive cross country. A good check up if it hasn't had one might save you a nightmare. How's your tires, especially that spare?

Oil is changed!  :rock: Need to check up thoroughly on the spare tire. Did underbody check while checking the tow hitch setup, but need to wind it down! First time gonna be doing that to a truck or any car with underbody spared drop mechanism!  :D
Other than the hosing and splashing and scrubbing and then wax on and wax off pampering?  ;D

I love to do manual car wash whenever I have time, but that is becoming a thing of the past with my current busy schedules. mainly because I do not want to be at the car wash alone at the ungodly hours or the car wash self-service places are closed already by the time I am done with the work and chores.

I do not have time to park my car at the PAID full manual car wash and detailing services because it can take hours even though the outcome is fantastic! The price is high for a quality wash and detail, but I do not mind the rice fitting the outcome quality! The problem is TIME!

I have tried Chevron's alike full car wash services. I like them. Depends on my needs I can choose the package I want, but I always go for at least the package with undercar and wheels wash. Then the extra polish and shine service package if available (but that is rare with automated services). What I like here is REAL FULL SERVICE - washing to free dryer machine!

My dad's recently referred to a partial-service car wash service. The price is similar to full automated services. How it work is, you line up near the washing machine - well, not the washing machine machine but you get me point  :lmao: - and a staff starts hosing your car body and probably even scrubbing your wheels. Then you go into the machine. After that, drying is on your own but they do provide towels.  :idk: I am no slacker but just weird drying the car my own when it was not even me who washed it, so to speak. If I feel like so to dry my own, I would have also scrubbed and washed the car my own too! I do not trust the machines 100% and is looking forward to "scratches from the machine:, but if the person would have scratched or made something loose during scrubbing, call me weird, but I would have been more  :facepalm:  >:(  :CRYING:

How have you been washing your car, if or when you do?!

Resigned from the current job officially, finishing paperwork. New journey ahead!  :skipping:
I still feel the way you have described even now, may it be with ongoing studies or continued education programs or even work related ones. I think it also has to do with how we learn!

I never liked most of the classroom teachings because they either focus on topics you already know and feel strong about or won't help or give much time to understand your weak areas needing improvements. Now when I say "needing improvement", not a lot either, just the same (or even less amount) as the said classroom time/hour is more than enough to help improve with self-studies!

And the topics themselves can be something too. True, some courses require prerequisite courses that are relatable, but some courses or even for major/minor requirements, sometimes you are just forced to take extra classes you do not even want to or have time to focus on! (I stand by the word "forced" because of those "must fulfill non-major/minor categories" to advance/graduate  :facepalm:  )

Like you've briefly said, the education system and the routine +/- biased methods of teaching or requirements to graduate can benefit the certain group, but they will deter other groups who are willing to learn and/or are wise/smart enough to absorb all the information but not wanting to go through the systemic method that won't benefit them! Heck, I've seen even "lazy or do-not-care-about-school" to be actually super active and do care about a topic in school with a changed adapted studying style, giving the students freedom or a choice to choose the learning style they wish!

Some can get rebellious or dissatisfied in life from when the society fails them in helping them learn to their true potentials, and we cannot blame them for hating schools or hating things (or disliking to put it milder)!
I WAITED FOR THIS PIECE OF ... :clap:  POST?!  :rock: Truer description has never been said!  :gossip:

See, whenever there's a topic, I examine the title of the post before starting to read because I want to stay unread until I can also reply with dedication and thoroughly. I waited till I have some time even though I saw your post few days back!  :lmao:
Speaking of bad drivers, tailgaters are also a pet peeve! I don't mind if they are close for a reason like they are trying to measure their speed to go back in or "temporary rush", but if they keep tailgating and giving me no safer choice than to even start to speed through yellow light and passing redlight while going through yellow light, ARGH!   >:(
Introductions / Re: Greetings All!
May 17, 2022, 01:11 PM
Quote from: Felix on May 14, 2022, 03:39 PMJust take your time as you move and start to get settled. I am glad it's not me. :noway: I have only lived in three houses and for all but one year of my life I have lived on the same block. I have never had the desire to be elsewhere. They say you can never go home again, but since I never left like most people I grew up with did, I am home. Now this is my forum home and the only social I have posted on.

You take care of your moving and I'll keep stopping in even when it's slow.

I envy that too! Too many moves in my life and leaving people behind and not being able to meet them again yet or will never be, some RIP!

I cannot wait to finally settle in a home, without having to move for studies or move because of rent going up by $200+ per month at each yearly renewal (being in California). My 5 years plan!  :D

AND YES! Where we feel belong is home! My home is more online too since "the moves". From myspace days to random classic messengers chats to short-lived social networks to good old days of Facebook, Twitter, etc. I have "friends" of 20+ years!  :rock: some having even met but close!
Quote from: Felix on May 14, 2022, 03:25 PMI hope your trip goes great. Take more breaks than needed. It's good for you. May your truck treat you well.

Parents are everything. Mine never let me down like so many people can. I was lucky to have them a long time. Cherish them Ko, but I already know you do.

As far as being on topic, the way I see it, as long as people are being nice they are on topic. ;D

Thanks Felix!! I am and will be working in California almost near the last few days of moving, so work and then packing and then fitting car accessories and tune ups for a safe trip to east coast! Once arriving 4-5 days later, gonna treat my truck a nice maintenance!  :dance:

YOU ARE VERY RIGHT ABOUT THE PARENTS! Only my parents were and are with me since moving out of my birth place in a third world country when I was 12 and since we have moved to other countries and states and so many sacrifices together. Despite "family quarrels or fights", things do cool down just heat of the moments and never with a bad ending! Plus we have come this far together and involuntarily cut off or decreased communications with others back in birth country and such. LIFE OF A FIRST GEN in US! of first gen to be out of the birth country to another country! THEY NEVER LET ME DOWN when it comes to what matter. and most time, the arguments were just understanding or different belief installed + parental worries! GLAD TO HEAR YOU HAVE THEM FOR A LONG TIME!  :) As days go by and as I become more mature with life, most "fun or mad loves or other similar moods" do not matter much anymore. What matter is , like you said, cherishing every moment with those who were and are there!

I am always on topic!  :lmao:
 :dumbbell: makes me feel good! But never do it half-asleep after a good run  :facepalm:
Resorted to adding a tow hitch to my 4x4. CAME WITH 1 MISSING BOLT  >:( But glad they are sending a replacement fast as I've already installed it and they are sending COMPLETE hitch+bolts again. Grateful for this blessing!  :)
Quote from: Felix on May 10, 2022, 03:58 PMThat was my thought exactly when GOF and Ko was here. :skipping:

People change so much anymore, invites by me might be few because it almost feels like a responsibility feeling if they turn bad. :idk: I have been burned that way before. :-[

I might want one if I had to deal with snow but here in Florida it's just not required for me to have one. I have a 21 F150 4x4. I love it.

They say that just a 4x4 is not enough some times. Check with the locals to see if you need chains too.

We are the O-G  :rock: I'm more of all about earning extra credits so, I'll take an extra O ... GOOF AND GOF!  :lmao:

I agree with you!! That's why I have not even invited most of the "friends" or "close people" because I cannot just tell, ESPECIALLY during these changing or chaotic politically biased times! Stealing from a comedian at my church a year or so ago, it's not the same 2019 BC and AC! (before and after COVID era)!  :gossip:

21 F150 4x4??! NICE!! I bet you'll love that!!  Even reading about F150 AND a 4x4 makes me go  <3

I'm fairly new to the truck owner club but ALWAYS a big fan! My very first truck and this truck MEANS A LOT FOR ME! I'm going to try my best to baby it to till last days of it~ 200000-250000 or hoping 300000, if it can survive from the west-to-east trip (and back eventually in 3 years) AND the snow weather of east coast! I was not in a position to even own a car when I cam back from my studies ~3 years ago (sold before I left). Things have been tough and so much expenses with applications and interviews & travels dissolving yearly earned assets and income!  :( FINALLY on the path to being stable and got myself a gift with help of myself and my parents (only ones been there since ever!), and invested in a truck to accompany on my life journey!!

SEE, THIS IS WHY I LOVE FORUMS! I can be talking and we can be talking and we may go off-topic a little bit (or more at times  :razz2: ) but a good confession or read, and it relaxes me! like just having talked my kept moods  :crazy:
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