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The Ten Commandments is for us all

Started by Ko, Mar 14, 2022, 01:10 PM

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Religious or not, I believe The Ten Commandments can and do keep a person in check, preventing the person from swaying away from humanity and the prosperity of mankind.

I finally memorized the Ten Commandments of recent and in my own styles as needed too.

1. There shall be no other gods before God
Religious faith: You should know that there is only one true God, Whom you must believe in and seek counsel from.
Humanity: Stick to what you believe in, do not be going about having many masters and multiple matters to depend on that will get you nowhere and that will not strengthen your desires and maybe also making those desires in becoming a reality.

2. You should not make idols and worship them
Religious faith: You should not make idols representing other gods or false prophets and worship them. The debatable ones are also of printing out images of God / Jesus Christ as well, because nobody has really drawn Him and believing in an image can be as if idolizing someone or something (we all know that the Jesus in the original Last Supper was based off a person the artist Leonardo picked!)
Humanity: Be knowledgeable of an existence or story of something, but do not idolize them losing your self, your true worth, and what you are in the process, while comparing them or imitating their acting, or trying to be like the idols!

3. You should not use the name of the Lord in vain
Religious faith: You should not misuse God's name - do not use for swearing, do not use for false promises, do not use to threaten someone, etc.
Humanity: Don't be rude and foul-mouthed and making bad judgments while blaming others.

4. Keep the Sabbath Day holy
Religious faith: On the 7th day, the Lord rest after creating the wonders of and the Heaven and Earth themselves, and so you should rest too. (Rest on a Sunday or a Saturday or a Friday, depending on which belief system, and keep that day Holy).
Humanity: Set aside a day for yourself to get to know yourself, think about life to improve upon or change, spending quality time without any hassles from daily life either by yourself or with your loved ones, and keep that day clean and joyous! Mind, body, psych holistic approach matter!

5. Honor your father and mother
Religious faith: Well, self explanatory.
Humanity: Honor your guardians and parents and the elders, or anyone else old or young who you care and who have changed you in some way in becoming you, directly or indirectly guiding or having guided you.

6. Do not murder
Religious faith: Self explanatory.
Humanity: Self explanatory.

7. Do not commit adultery
Religious faith: Self explanatory.
Humanity: Self explanatory.

8. Do not steal
Religious faith: Self explanatory.
Humanity: Self explanatory.

9. Do not be a false witness against your neighbor
Religious faith: Be the honest and righteous person to your neighbor.
Humanity: Be the honest and righteous person for true justice, peace, and equity out there.

10. Do not injure/harm your neighbors, their families, their loved ones, their associates, their pets & live stocks, and their belongings
Religious faith: Do no harm!
Humanity:  Self explanatory.
Honor is far greater than glory, titles, man-made statuses, & materialistic possessions. 👁 🦅 🛡 ⚔️

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